9 Most Popular Healthy Diets That You Can Follow – Part 2

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Having problems trying to choose the best diet for a healthy lifestyle? Here is a brief summary of the most popular diets that can be found in books, or on the internet.

5. The Mediterranean Diet

This diet emphasizes on eating a lot of vegetables, and avoids taking a lot of meat. This diet recommends the use of olive oil as replacement for butter, salad dressing and marinades. Fish is favoured over other types of meat, and each meal comes with plenty of vegetables, grains, nuts and herbs.

6. Intermittent Fasting

This type of diet requires you from abstaining from food for a set time span a day. There is no restriction in the food eaten but the time when you can eat them.

7. Pritikin Diet

This type of diet was originally created as a lifestyle regimen by Nathan Pritikin in 1979. The diet is based around low-fat, high-fibre foods while limiting red meat, alcohol, processed food and getting regular exercise.

8. Ornish Diet

This diet was first introduced by Dean Ornish, MD, a clinical professor of medicine at the University of California, San Francisco and founder of the non-profit Preventive Medicine Research Institute in 1995. The Ornish Diet emphasizes a vegetarian eating plan that includes whole grains, fruits, vegetables, and limited refined carbohydrates, animal proteins, and fat. Only 10 percent of your calories should come from fat. The diet is best known for its claims of preventing and reversing heart disease

9. The Warrior Diet

For this diet, you can eat raw fruits and vegetables during the day and a huge meal during the evening.

In conclusion there is no perfect diet, but each one has to decide which diet is best suited for them. Remember, the best diet for you, is the one you can stick to the longest.