Primera Rice, red rice
Primera Rice Bag

Think a rainbow colour series minus the green. Depending on the amount of anthocyanin, any of these colours manifest in natural food that contains anthocyanin.

This natural colour pigment is known to be beneficial for cardiovascular health. It prevents the build-up of unwanted plaques in the blood vessels connected to the heart, hence preventing the occurrence of atherosclerosis. Anthocyanin does not only promote heart health, but also promote eye health, prevent memory declination and protect against some cancers.

Since anthocyanin needs to work together with other substances in order to offer its potential health benefits, it is better to consume anthocyanin rich food than anthocyanin supplements alone. Besides Primera Rice, aronia berry, purple cauliflower and norton grapes are examples of food rich in anthocyanin. Unlike vitamins and minerals, anthocyanin does not have a recommended amount of intake. However, China has recently proposed that we can consume 50 mg of anthocyanin a day.