28th April 2022
Cross-bred Red Rice
Primera is a cross-bred rice that has a wild parent and a commercial parent. The wild parent of Primera is also a red rice, but low-yielding […]
28th April 2022
Cardiovascular Disease – A General View
World Health Organization reports death of 31% of the world population, equal to 17.5 million people due to cardiovascular disease in 2012. A disordered condition in […]
28th April 2022
Structure of Rice
After harvest, the very first process that rice undergoes is de-hulling process. The outermost covering of the rice in gold or brown colour is called husk […]
10th January 2018
Changing Water to Rice Ratio
Water to rice ratio changes Have you realized that the water to rice ratio is different for different batches of same type of rice? For an […]
25th September 2017
Glycemic Index (GI) System
What does Glycemic Index (GI) tell us? Glycemic Index (GI) tells us the effect of a food containing carbohydrate to our blood sugar level after eating […]
3rd July 2017
Red Rice Around the World
Bhutanese Red Rice Grown in the Eastern Himalaya of Kingdom of Bhutan, this rice is a staple food for Bhutanese people. Lengthwise, it is medium grain […]
28th June 2017
Composition of Rice
Amylopectin is a type of starch that provides sticky texture to rice. Usually, short grain rice contains high proportion of amylopectin, hence making it sticky upon […]
23rd June 2017
American or Oriental Style of Cooking Rice?
Even the simplest way to cook rice, which is using water for a plain, boiled serving of rice, is divided into two basic techniques, namely Excess […]
16th June 2017
Debunking the Myths about Carbohydrate
The myth versus truth There are Fad diets that proudly claim to be carb-free while creating the myth that carbohydrate in diet is bad. The truth […]
8th June 2017
10 Facts about Rice
The world population gets 20% of its dietary energy from rice. This explains why rice is a staple food. Naturally, there are rice varieties of different […]
5th June 2017
A Strong Plant that Fights
  Rice Blast In rice farming where yields of crops are essential as both sources of livelihood for farmers and food for a particular region, rice […]
15th May 2017
Antioxidant is a substance that protects health of normal cells against damage caused by oxidizing agent. It is usually found in fruits, vegetables, nuts and grains. […]
11th May 2017
10 Facts About Diabetes That Women Should Know:
1 ) Worldwide, diabetes is the fifth leading cause of death among women. 2 ) Obesity and overweight, the strong risk factors for diabetes are more […]
9th May 2017
Rice – A Colourful Grain
White Rice Widely consumed in Asian countries as a staple food, this rice is white because once the hull is removed the bran is polished to […]
5th May 2017
Health Benefits of Low Glycemic Index (GI) Food
After a meal, it is normal for the sugar level in the blood to rise and then, decline. How fast or how slow the food raises […]
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