Bubur Aneka By Chef Wan


•2 Cups Primera Red Rice

•2 Big bowls prawn shell stock

•3 tbsp ghee

•3 cloves garlic

•6 nos shallots

•2 Chicken breast diced

•200g Deshelled prawn diced

•1 Carrots diced


•Black pepper powder

•Basil leaf


•Fried onion

Cooking method

1) Heat ghee in a pot

2) Add garlic, shallots and fry until golden brown

3) Add the diced chicken, half of the diced prawn, carrots, and cilantro

4) Pour in the prawn stock

5) Add Primera red rice

6) Add salt and black pepper to taste.

7) Sprinkle fried onions and stir well.

8) Boil the porridge till it is quite thick.

9) Lastly, stir in the remainder prawn and basil leaf. Stir for

10) a few minutes till the prawns are cooked.

11) Serve

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