Composition of Rice

red rice, white rice
red rice, white rice
  • Amylopectin is a type of starch that provides sticky texture to rice. Usually, short grain rice contains high proportion of amylopectin, hence making it sticky upon cooking.
  • Amylose is another type of starch found in rice. Rice with higher proportion of amylose than amylopectin is loose and separate upon cooking. Amylose may slow down the digestion of rice due to its compact structure.
  • Boiling rice using the American Method which involves draining excess water upon cooking produces fluffy rice due to removal of starch through the drained water.
  • Half a cup or 100 gram of uncooked rice provides about 70 to 80 gram of carbohydrate. Primera Rice specifically provides 77.4 gram of carbohydrate. This value is about 15% of the total energy requirement.
  • Half a cup of uncooked Primera Rice contains 1.9 gram of fat. This is a good fat that comes from the rice bran oil that is rich in essential nutrients.