Everyday Foods That Are Shockingly Bad for Your Health – Part 1

As Malaysians we love to eat. Unfortunately, many of the food we consume daily can be very unhealthy. In general, there are certain types of foods that should be avoided if you want to lose weight and stay healthy. This might come as a surprise, but they are the foods that we take almost every day.

1. White rice.

Whether it be breakfast, lunch or dinner, we Malaysians love white rice. But it is the least healthy among all the rice types. This is because during its processing it’s been stripped of most of the minerals, and vitamins. Taking white rice also causes spikes in blood sugar levels, which is bad for diabetics.

2. Sugary drinks and soft drinks.

In many eateries, soft drinks are preferred by many over water. And with the price of water nowadays rising, people feel that it is a more worthwhile choice. But this should not be, as soft drinks are a well-known contributor to diabetes.

3. White Bread.

Malaysians just love their roti-bakar with kaya or peanut butter in the morning, especially at coffee shops.  But the bad news is, white breads are unhealthy if eaten in large amounts. They have similar effects to that of white rice, which leads to rapid spikes in blood sugar.

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In conclusion, the bottom line is that if we want to live a healthy lifestyle we should try to avoid or at least consume less of these foods. Instead we should aim for the healthier alternatives.