Glycemic index (GI) and how it influences our food choices!

Nowadays you might be hearing the buzz of people talking about GI value for foods. Are you wondering, what is GI? GI actually refers to the glycemic index, a value which is assigned to give an indication as to how fast a certain food can increase blood sugar level upon consumption, causing a sugar spike. Generally low GI foods score range from 20 – 49, moderate GI foods are between 50 – 69, whereas high GI foods are classified as 70 – 100.

Everyone may benefit from being more aware of the GI value of foods we regularly consume, although markedly, food GI value is especially important for people with diabetic or prediabetic condition to help manage and reduce the risks of diabetes complications. If this is the case, consider incorporating healthy grains such as Primera red rice into your healthy-eating plan. Primera red rice has a GI value of 46, which is classified as low as well as other benefits such as rich in antioxidants (78 mg/100 g of rice), vitamins, minerals, folate, as well as dietary fibres compared to normal white rice. Just making one switch from white rice to healthy red rice can make a huge difference in your healthy eating!