Nasi Ulam Primera By Chef Wan

Ingredients for the rice

•2 cups Primera Red Rice

•5 cups coconut milk

•2 stalks lemon grass smashed

•3 pieces kaffir lime leaves

•1 pieces bay leaf •Salt

Method to prepare the rice 

1) Cook the Primera red rice with coconut milk

2) Cook the rice with salt, Bay leaf, lemongrass and kaffir lime leaves.

3) Cook the rice like cooking nasi lemak.

4) Allow the rice to cool down for a few hours.

 Ingredients B

•6 types finely shred the herbs                                                                    

•2 nos salted egg yolk finely chopped

•2 cups flesh of fried Mackerel finely shredded

•1 cup fried shrimp fried and finely blended

•1 cup fried onion 

•1 cup condiment made from grated coconut which is toasted

•4 stalks lemongrass finely sliced

•2 torch ginger sliced thinly

•6 pieces kaffir lime leaves sliced thinly

•4 tbsp. chilli shrimp paste

•1/4 cup fermented anchovy sauce

•2 pieces turmeric leaves sliced thinly

•8 nos lime

•Some salt


1) In a big bowl stir the red rice that has been prepared earlier with Ingredients B.

2) Mix the rice evenly with the ingredients and to desired

3) taste.

4)Squeeze lime and serve.

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