Not all rice are created equal –healthy delicious PrimeraTM red rice is a winner!

Most Asians eat rice everyday – even up to three times a day from breakfast to dinner. Many say that when we don’t have rice, it feels as if we never ate. Some may eat less of it, but no meal is deemed complete without rice.

So what do we do when we reach a certain age in our life that requires us to adopt a healthier lifestyle? Especially those who are diagnosed with diabetic or pre-diabetic conditions? Reducing the consumption of rice, i.e. white rice is usually recommended as part of a healthy diet, in order to help keep blood sugar levels in check. This is because white rice has a high glycemic index (GI) which means it can cause sharp increases in blood sugar levels.

But as Asians, how can we ‘not eat rice’? This is where its useful to know that we can switch to healthier whole-grain options, such as coloured rice. An excellent choice is our locally produced PrimeraTM red rice with low GI value of 46, that is also nutritionally richer with antioxidants (78 mg/100 g of rice), vitamins (1.5-5.7x), minerals (1.8-5.7x), folate (2.5x), proteins (1.1x) as well as dietary fibres (2.7x) than white rice.

Rice has always been a staple & popular food in Asia – and PrimeraTM red rice provides a healthy source of good carbohydrate!

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