Say Cheese!

Cheese has always been the one ingredient that goes well with almost anything and enriches a dish by just melting away and relishing our taste buds. There are a few ways to enjoy and taste the uniqueness of cheese. Mixing parmesan with breadcrumbs as a topping for pasta is a great way for a low-fat topping. Apart from that, sprinkling shredded cheddar on apple slices briefly to melt, adds flavor to the dish. Although cheese contains fat, the right amount of it makes a balanced diet and a delicious plate.

      It is very important to read the labels placed on the cheese packets when buying. Expiry dates are one of the most important information as cheese is high in moisture content so, bacteria and other microorganisms might form after exceeding its shelf life. Also, make sure to look out for the label that says ‘pasteurized milk’ to avoid harmful bacteria. Consumer should act smart and wisely by purchasing cheese from a broad range of low-fat cheeses in the market produced through the advancement of science and technology.

     Cheese varies in sizes, textures, and colors. It is very important to store cheese in the right conditions according to their own type. All cheese should be kept in a place where the temperature is cold and stable. Generally, the harder the cheese, the longer it will last.

A few examples to store cheese can be seen below:

  • hard cheese such as parmesan should be wrapped in waxed paper and plastic wrap.
  • blue cheese and semihard cheese should be wrapped in plastic wrap.
  • fresh cheeses such as mozzarella should be kept in water and the water is replaced every couple of days.

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