Sleeping Habits That Boost Productivity – Part 1

Lack of sleep can cause a decrease of productivity and health problems. Yet many Malaysians like to sleep late in order to get work done. This can be very counter-productive. 

So, here are some tips to change your sleeping habits which will lead to better productivity. 

Don’t Take Heavy Meals at Night.  

For starters, avoid having a very heavy meal 2-3 hours before sleeping. This means not going to the mamak after 9pm for a full meal as it will interfere with you sleep, as well as cause indigestion.

Do not look into any screen that emits light before bed.

Watching television, playing with your handphone, or computer before bed can also affect your sleep. The reason is these devices emit blue light, that inhibits the production of melatonin needed for a proper sleep. It makes the brain think it is still morning and therefore takes you a longer time to fall asleep. 

Plan your sleep schedule.

Sleep like most activities should be planned carefully because our bodies have an internal body clock, that is based on individual chronotype. This means that one can be more productive either during the morning or late night based on one’s own chronotype. So, we have to discover which sleeping habits suit us the best. The idea is to train your mind, to associate sleep with a bedtime routine such as brushing your teeth or reading a book before bed.

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So, remember a better sleep means better productivity.  When you’ve learnt to sleep well, you will realise that you are more alert and ready to learn or work more efficiently throughout the day.