Sleeping Habits That Boost Productivity – Part 2

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Lack of sleep can cause a decrease of productivity and health problems. Yet many Malaysians like to sleep late in order to get work done. This can be very counter-productive. 

So, here are some tips to change your sleeping habits which will lead to better productivity. 

Write your to do list before bed

Sometimes we may not be able to sleep due to the anxiety of unfinished work. So, make a to do list before you go to bed. It can help clear the mind, and when you wake up, you will have a clear direction on how to start the day. 

Create the perfect sleeping environment

Turn your bedroom into the perfect sleeping environment by removing anything that may stress you or excite you. That means, computers, and handphones. Make sure your room is dark as and is at a temperature of 15 to 22 degrees Celsius because it is the optimal temperature to sleep. 

Take power naps

Take short naps in the afternoon about 20-30 minutes as they can boost productivity. If you work at the office, have a quick lunch and find a place to nap before the break is over. Research shows that company employees who do this are fresher throughout the day. 

Wake up naturally

To wake up naturally means not being woken by the sound of an alarm clock. This means waking on your own and jumping out of bed immediately. Never go back to sleep even if it is still early as that will cause you to be groggy the whole day. 

So, remember a better sleep means better productivity.  When you’ve learnt to sleep well, you will realise that you are more alert and ready to learn or work more efficiently throughout the day.