The Sunshine Vitamin

Almost all the time, the benefits of vitamin D are spoken about. Vitamin D is a vitamin that can be obtained from the sun itself. That is the reason why the morning sun is good for our health and professionals encourage us to carry out exercises especially yoga during this time. It has been said that vitamin D may help to,

  • prevent older people to abruptly fall
  • prevent and soothe the muscle pain for people consuming cholesterol-lowering statin drugs
  • minimize the risk of multiple sclerosis
  • overcome depression
  • control and prevent asthma
  • prevent many types of cancer

      However, researchers are still performing many tests and experiments to test the effectiveness of this vitamin. A few tests need to be taken for individuals who contain less vitamin D in their body and sometimes supplements are also prescribed by the doctor. Generally, for individuals who have a balanced level of vitamin D, are encouraged to get about 15 minutes of sun exposure daily.

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