Worth the tears!

Just like garlic and shallots, onions are also of the allium plant family. Onions possess many benefits to one’s health. This small vegetable should not be underestimated as it does wonders. Consumption of onions as a part of a healthy diet reduces the risk of lung cancer. On a side note, apples and grapefruit also possess the same benefit. Sulfur compounds and flavonoids in onions helps to prevent other types of cancers too.

Onions contain adenosine, a substance that is similar to aspirin, prevents clots to form and eventually preventing a heart attack. Blood sugar level can also be regulated especially for people with diabetes. Furthermore, onions may be a solution to stop skin infections. A raw onion can be used to prevent infection by rubbing it on the wound. However, this method is not advised as it still needs more research and observation to validate this benefit.

      As much as onions provide many benefits, the downside of onions is bloating and gas. A common type of sugar known as fructose causes gas. However, gas and bloating usually only causes discomfort and no harmful effects. In the end, all those tears from cutting the onion are going to be worth it.

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