Fasting and Primera Rice

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primera, primera red rice, low gi red rice, low gi rice, primera rice

During the month of Ramadan when fasting is observed from sunrise to sunset, our Muslim friends face the need to reevaluate the food intake, especially during Suhoor to ensure that the fasting during each day of the holy month gives a pleasant experience from the physical health aspect.

Especially in the regions where the day time is long, it is important to eat food that provides sustainable energy until the time of Iftar. Primera Rice slowly breaks down in the gut system, and slowly gives us energy over a long period of time. It also controls hunger, hence saving us from already thinking about food that we might eat during evening meal after the sunset. Besides that, the B Vitamins found in Primera Rice work their roles in the energy release system.

Eating Primera Rice as our grain on the days we fast is a way to ensure that we get the right supply system of energy and nutrients.