Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) – Colour of Primera Rice

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Why is Primera Rice Red?

The anthocyanin in Primera Rice, makes the rice to be red in colour. The bran layer of Primera Rice is the part that contains anthocyanin.


Is Primera Rice naturally red?

Yes, Primera Rice is naturally red without any artificial food dyes. Anthocyanin is a natural colour pigment which is also found in cherry, pomegranate, and blood orange.


Does Primera Rice leave red stain?

No, Primera Rice does not leave red stain. You will observe no change in colour on your hand or towel when you hold a handful of Primera Rice or place washed Primera Rice on a towel for drying.


Did the scientists genetically modify Primera Rice to contain anthocyanin so that the rice becomes red?

No, the scientists did not genetically modify Primera Rice rice to contain anthocyanin. It is a non-genetically modified organism (GMO) because the scientists developed this rice through conventional breeding method. One of the rice parents in this method is a red rice.