Freshly Steamed Primera Rice…

red rice, primera rice

Primera Rice has a distinguished taste profile that makes our rice eating experience to be unique. We can eat it daily in complement to other dishes or as toppings for salad.

When the beep sound of the rice cooker signals the completion of cooking Primera Rice, we open the lid of the rice cooker to feel the hot steam that is clouding the rice to rise. After the first three seconds of experiencing the clouds of steam, Primera Rice is now clearly visible showing its red colour and medium-length slender grain. As you inhale, the steamy red rice spreads a nutty aroma to your nostrils.

Be patient as you do not want put hot rice straight into your mouth. Wait for at least five minutes to taste the rice. Although cooked only with water, a table spoon of Primera Rice when placed into your mouth starts spreading nutty flavour in the mouth. Even without salt, the rice is palatable. You will realize that this red rice has a slightly chewy texture.

In order to make the tasty eating experience to be easy, Primera Rice can be made less chewy for young children and older adults by adding more water to cook it. Learn about water to rice ratio HERE.