10 Facts About Diabetes That Women Should Know:

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1 ) Worldwide, diabetes is the fifth leading cause of death among women.

2 ) Obesity and overweight, the strong risk factors for diabetes are more prevalent in women than men.

3 ) Cooking meals that include whole grains such as Primera Rice and non-starchy vegetables is not only suitable for family members with diabetes, but it is also healthy for the whole family.

4 ) Skipping meals is never a wise way to manage diabetes. It only promotes weight gain.

5 ) It is safe for women diagnosed with diabetes to get pregnant, as long as they have approached health care professionals to get medical advice before getting pregnant.

6 ) Gestational diabetes is a condition when women suddenly develop above normal blood sugar level during pregnancy.

7 ) Gestational diabetes makes pregnancy and delivering babies complicated.

8 ) Mothers who have had gestational diabetes have higher risk of developing diabetes later in life compared to mothers who have not had gestational diabetes.

9 ) Children who are born by mothers with gestational diabetes have twice the risk of developing diabetes later in life compared to children born from normal mothers.

10 ) A well-balanced diet during pregnancy is an effective prevention against overweight and obesity among both group of women and their children.