10 Facts about Rice

red rice, primera
Primera Rice
  • The world population gets 20% of its dietary energy from rice. This explains why rice is a staple food.
  • Naturally, there are rice varieties of different colours. There are purple rice (a.k.a black rice), white rice, brown rice and red rice. Read this: Rice – A Colourful Grain
  • Phosop, Inari, and Dewie Srie are Rice Gods of different Asian cultures.
  • Samurai in Japan were paid with rice instead of money.
  • Worldwide, 162.3 million hectares of land is allocated for rice production.
  • Arroz con Pollo is a term originating from Portugal or Spain. It means rice with chicken. Hainanese chicken rice, Arabian kabsa and chicken briyani are also Arroz con Pollo!
  • Rice is a naturally gluten free food.
  • Congee is a synonym for rice porridge. If there is nothing for breakfast at home, boil the overnight-left rice with some broth and vegetables for a hearty breakfast!
  • Rice can save your electronic device. If your cellphone accidentally falls into water, take it out immediately and place it in a pile of rice to absorb the moist.
  • Cooked rice expands at least thrice its original weight.