Debunking the Myths about Carbohydrate

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Learn carbohydrate myth from Primera Rice

The myth versus truth

There are Fad diets that proudly claim to be carb-free while creating the myth that carbohydrate in diet is bad. The truth is carbohydrate is an important nutrient that everyone should consume according to daily recommendation based on age, gender and health status because it is the main source of energy for us.

What should be our main concern?

We should actually be concerned on the type of carbohydrate we eat. Complex carbohydrate and simple carbohydrate are two categories of carbohydrate that determine the quality of our diet. Slowly digested and absorbed, examples of complex carbohydrate are whole grains, fruits and vegetables whereas quickly digested and absorbed, examples of simple carbohydrate are refined grains, table sugar and sweet baked items.

Eating complex carbohydrate

Eating more complex carbohydrate than simple carbohydrate ensures a gradual release of sugar in the blood stream and steady absorption of sugar. However, bear in mind that when we eat excessive amount of even complex carbohydrate, it turns into fat and deposits under our skin. Therefore, we should eat it as per the dietary guidelines recommendation