Red Rice Around the World

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Red Rice in the Sack

Bhutanese Red Rice

Grown in the Eastern Himalaya of Kingdom of Bhutan, this rice is a staple food for Bhutanese people. Lengthwise, it is medium grain rice.


Red Cargo Rice

This red rice originates from Thailand, and it is also known as Thai Red Rice. The term ‘cargo’ is instilled in the name of the rice since it had been exported in bulk.


Primera Rice

Malaysia is the origin of Primera Rice. This rice is developed through conventional breeding after seven years of research. This rice is special for its low glycemic index property.


Matta Rice

Matta Rice originates from Kerala, India. It is parboiled rice. Although known as red rice, it has mild reddish hue that makes it look pink.


Camargue Red Rice

This rice has brownish red colour. It is grown in the Camargue region of Southern France. Similar to Primera Rice, it has a white rice parent and a wild rice parent.